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沃特·沙利文(Walter Sullivan)在南灰原山莊的302房出生,當晚他的父母將他遺棄在302房并逃離了公寓。 沃特后來被“教會”設立的慈善機構寂靜嶺微笑扶持協會(Silent Hill Smile Support Society,簡稱4S)屬下的希望之家孤兒院(Wish House Orphanage
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Walter Sullivan
Walter Sullivan is the antagonist from Silent Hill 4: The Room. Even though Silent Hill 4 is thought to be a weak link in the Silent Hill series, Walter Sullivan remains a popular aspect of the game. Story Edit Walter Sullivan was born in Room 302, South Ashfield Heights..
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Walter Sullivan
Walter Sullivan is the main antagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. He was obsessed with the Room 302 since he firmly believed that it was his mother. In order to bring her back to him, Walter decided to complete the Twenty-One Sacraments, which required twenty-one sacrifices, so he became a serial killer and murdered ten people before being captured. Then, he committed suicide, becoming the
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Some fan art from Silent Hill 4, which is something new for me. This is Walter Sullivan’s true body, located deep inside room 302’s otherworld, in the final stage of the game. The original concept for this creature was created, I believe, by Masashi Tsuboyama, art
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Walter Sullivan Ålder 34 Yrke Seriemördare Spel Spelserie Silent Hill-serien Första spel Silent Hill 2 (2001) Senaste spel Silent Hill 4: The Room Trots att han är huvudmotståndaren i spelet, och spelkaraktären (den man spelar som) är en ung man vid namn Henry Townshend, pekar många på att Walter egentligen är spelets huvudperson alltsedan storyn kretsar kring honom.
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Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill 4: The Room) When it comes to Silent Hill, many of Pyramid Head.I think of Walter Sullivan. Walter is a psychotic serial killer and the main antagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room.He is trying to complete a ritual called the “21 Sacraments
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Like other enemies in Silent Hill 4, the twins represent victims of serial killer Walter Sullivan, brought back in monstrous form in Walter’s Otherworld. Billy and Miriam Locane were children murdered by Walter. However unlike Walter’s other victims, the twins do
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 · why does it matter? Silent Hill 2 has nothing to do with the original story of Silent Hill either. so again, why does it matter? there’s no reason to freak out about this. he’s just a new character they came up with for Silent Hill 2 (Walter Sullivan was first referenced in

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Silent Hill 4: The Room During Walter Sullivan’s forced conditioning at Wish House Orphanage, Jimmy Stone’s right-hand man George Rosten attempted to insert Valtiel’s influence into Walter’s subconscious. This would presumably allow Valtiel to clandestinely
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Walter Sullivan from Silent Hill 4
30.11.2016 – Автор пина:Zully Jennifer Mendez ?. Находите и прикалывайте свои пины в Pinterest! Silent = Walter S. = Silent Hill
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Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill 4: The Room), was posted by RaveN_98.
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Eileen Galvin
Eileen Galvin is the deuteragonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. She lives in Room 303, right next to Henry Townshend and finds herself in Walter’s Worlds later in game alongside Henry. Eileen is destined to be the 20th victim of Walter Sullivan with the theme “
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A Silent Hill (japánul: サイレントヒル, Szairento Hiru) a Konami cég túlélőhorror videójátékának címe. Hill első és harmadik része, valamint az Origins Alessa, míg a Silent Hill második és negyedik része pedig Walter Sullivan története köré épül.
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