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When I heard the series was continuing with The 3rd Birthday, I was initially overjoyed. Then I played the game. I’m going to say this upfront: I spoiled the plot’s “big twist” before I bought it, which is the only reason why I’m not particularly disgusted with it, such as it is.
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The 3rd Birthday Review
The 3rd Birthday has a gimmick that would blow even Jake Gyllenhaal’s mind. Not only are you jumping back and forth in time, but Aya is actually able to dive from one character to the next at any time. This means that she’s able to quickly switch bodies at the
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The 3rd Birthday Review
It’s one thing that makes The 3rd Birthday different to most other PSP titles. As with most of their other PSP releases, Sqaure Enix have done a good job with the presentation of The 3rd Birthday. The game looks solid throughout, and despite some drab and dull environments every now and again, the character models and cut scenes are skilfully crafted.
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After just over a decade, Aya Brea is once again in the video game spotlight. And while I’m sure many gamers have fond memories of her adventures on the original PlayStation, many things have changed in her absence. Enter Square Enix and HexaDrive’s The 3rd Birthday for the PlayStation Portable, the third game starring the beautiful
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 · PSP Review – The 3rd Birthday Heath Hindman Saturday, April 02, 2011 Indecision can be a horrible thing. The 3rd Birthday doesn’t look like a car crash, as its visuals are one of its best
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Review: The 3rd Birthday is a solid sci-fi shooter
 · Author’s Note: This review article was published April 5, 2011 and originally appeared on Examiner.com. Clicking on this link will take you to its original location. — The 3rd Birthday is quite a different installment in the Parasite Eve franchise. Whereas previous
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 · Parasite Eve’s 3rd Sequel: The 3rd Birthday Review Console: PSP (Playstation Portable) Game-Type: 3rd Person Shooter Company: Square (Square-Enix)/ Hexadrive The 3rd Birthday is the sequel of Square’s (also known as Square-Enix nowadays.) RPG-shooter
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The 3rd Birthday
Like its body-swapping protagonist, The 3rd Birthday has multiple personalities.A spin off rather than a sequel to the two previous Parasite Eve titles, it draws upon the series staple of not sticking to a single genre.The original Parasite Eve was an RPG with a dark edge. was an RPG with a dark edge.
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The 3rd Birthday sports one of the worst cameras ever to appear in an action-RPG. In fact, the camera makes it frustrating to progress in combat, as players will need to simultaneously use the d-pad for moving the camera while running with the analog stick. In
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Selamat datang di Game The 3rd birthday. Main Game The 3rd birthday ini kita Live Streamingin aja ya, Biar bisa namatin sambil ngobrol bareng kalian. kalian
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The 3rd Birthday is a third-person action shooter with RPG elements. You take on the persona of Aya Brea as she hits the Twisted-infested streets of New York to turn the tide of a war that’s being waged through time. The combat system of The 3rd Birthday
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Overall I enjoyed listening to The 3rd Birthday’s soundtrack. It is a diverse, atmospheric, and well-produced soundtrack that firmly brings the series to the new generation. Each composer brings something to the table — from the personal melodies of Shimomura, to the diverse approaches of Sekito, to the immersive but sometimes unmemorable ambience of Suzuki.
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Review by Kristan Reed, Contributor Updated on 7 April 2011 Previous While we don’t mind a fair challenge now and then, The 3rd Birthday delights in cranking the difficulty up to levels that
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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The 3rd Birthday – Sony PSP at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. An amazing game where you play as a disembodied spirit delving into the bodies of terrified soldiers as
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