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Answer: Shanghai (上海市), China (capital: Shanghai) – last known population is ≈ 24 151 500 (year 2013). This was 1.773% of total China population. In this year, Shanghai population density was 3895.4 p/km². If population growth rate would be same as.
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Total population: 16.74 million (2000). Population growth rate: Shanghai led China in achieving a negative population growth rate in 1993. In 2000, the birth rate was 5.3 per thousand while the
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Contents: Cities & Counties The urban population of all cities and counties in Shanghai Municipal Province by census years. The tabulated urban population is counted on district or county level; therefore it may refer to more than one settlement. (1990) China
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Shanghai achieves negative population growth rate.

Shanghai achieves negative population growth rate. [No authors listed] PIP: The urban area of Shanghai attained a negative population growth rate of minus 1.52/1000 in the first quarter of 1980, it was reported on July 16.
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Shanghais population in 2013 was 23.9 million and is still growing. Only 3.4 percent of the people are unemployed. Shanghai city is overall a very safe city. The crime rate is very low. Most wealth people get targeted and there are only some violent crimes.
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The Expansion of Shanghai
 · The Chinese metropolitan area of Shanghai has ranked high on lists of economic and population growth in recent decades. So it is hardly surprising that the city of 24 million people stands out in another way: the amount of new land that people have created, or
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Shanghai’s population growth expected to plateau By ZHOU WENTING (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-25 07:58 Comments Print Mail Large Medium Small The point system for a …
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Why is Shanghai the most populated city in China?
Since becoming national municipality incorporating surrounding cities, Chongqing has larger population of 33 million vs Greater Shanghai of 24 million. The following is excerpt from my book JOURNEY TO CHINA about Shanghai in this chapter: YANGTZE
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Issues and Trends in China’s Demographic History
Population Growth in China Today Both the crude birth rate and the crude death rate declined significantly between 1949 and 1997, except for the early years of the 1960s. The success of China’s population planning program is heralded by some because of the fact that as many as 200 million fewer Chinese were born as the program was implemented and gained popularity.
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The growth of UHI in Shanghai has been driven by the continuous increase of buildings, paved roads, buses, population and GDP, as well as the decrease of cultivated land.
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Shanghai urban drainage masterplanning
Over the past decades, Shanghai has seen rapid urbanisation and population growth. The massive scale of urban development has increased the impermeable area for the catchment while reducing green space leading to increased stormwater runoff across the city.
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Shanghai’s urban population growth precedes the port throughput growth, with a time lag in between. According to the aforementioned allometric growth model (2) for Shanghai port cargo throughput and Shanghai urban population after removal of exceptional we
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 · Population has direct influences on the challenges related to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change by influencing economic growth and social development, affecting the amounts of
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 · Population growth 1985-2015: 960%1955: 5,000 people1985: 123,0002015: 1.3 millionThe city of Cixi lies on Hangzhou Bay to the south of Shanghai. It was noted for its Yue ware porcelain.8