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Histology and Embyology: Glandular stomach

No distinct striated border can be seen with light microscope. The surface epithelium is continued into depression in the gastric mucosa – the gastric pits, bottom of which show shorter and broader cells. The glands open into the bottoms of gastric pits, which correspond to ducts.
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 · PDF 檔案Gastric glands Crypts of Lieberkühn (intestinal glands). Gastric pits Submucosa Villi Goblet cells and intestinal absorptive cells with a brush border Pyloroduodenal junction, baboon
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Gastric Histology and Fasting Bile Reflux After Partial Gastrectomy

 · PDF 檔案GASTROENTEROLOGY 1987;93:335-43 Gastric Histology and Fasting Bile Reflux After Partial Gastrectomy PAOLO BECHI, ANDREA AMOROSI, ROBERTO MAZZANTI, PAOLO ROMAGNOLI, and LUIGI TONELLI Istituti di Clinica Chirurgica e
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Be able to differentiate gastric glands, cardiac glands, and pyloric glands. The wall of the gastrointestinal tube consists of 4 major layers (W pgs 263-266): the mucosa, the submucosa, the muscularis (also called muscularis propria or muscularis externa) and the serosa (if covered by peritoneum) or adventitia (if retroperitoneal).
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Overview of Gastric Pathology: Non-Neoplastic Diseases

 · PDF 檔案• Gastric duplication “cysts” • Gastric outlet obstruction: – Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis • Heterotopias: – Gastric corpus mucosa (inlet patch, duodenal, Meckel’s, rectal) – Pancreatic tissue (gastric and duodenal wall and submucosa) – Brunner glands
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Gastric glands / mucosa thick thin not so useful for discrimination body – thick, body & antrum Notes: Histology Type 1 ~75% yes small (5-10 mm) body benign typically, female:male ~ 4:1, 50-60 years chronic atrophic gastritis – usu. autoimmune Type 2 rare
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Anatomy and Physiology of the Stomach
 · Gastric glands (GG): (A) The long, coiled GGs penetrate the complete thickness of the mucosa, from the gastric pits (GP) to the muscularis mucosae (MM). (B) In the neck of a gastric gland, below the surface mucous cells (SM) lining the gastric pit, are small mucous neck cells (NM) , scattered individually or clustered among parietal cells (P) and stem cells that give rise to all epithelial
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Histology and Histophathology
Histology refers to the study of normal cells whereas histopathology explores the transformation of normal structures in response to diseases such as cancer and inflammation. Stomach Another look at the gastric glands which are straight tubular glands
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Summary of histology for the presence/absence of gastric glands and immunofluorescence (IF) microscopy results for HKα1 expression. By Odete Gonçalves (179067), L. Filipe C. Castro (9371), Adam J. Smolka (3269613), António Fontainhas (3269610) and Jonathan M. Wilson (518226)
Gastric mucosa
The gastric mucosa is the mucous membrane layer of the stomach, which contains the glands and the gastric pits.In humans, it is about 1 mm thick, and its surface is smooth, soft, and velvety. It consists of simple columnar epithelium, lamina propria, and the muscularis mucosae.
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Cardiac gastric gland
 · Other articles where Cardiac gastric gland is discussed: gastric gland: The cardiac gastric glands are located at the very beginning of the stomach; the intermediate, or true, gastric glands in the central stomach areas; and the pyloric glands in the terminal stomach
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The pathology of gastric and duodenal polyps: current …

The hypothesis that they arise either from heterotopic gastric mucosa or regenerative Brunner glands is the most convincing to date. 51 The diagnostic category of Brunner gland adenoma remains controversial and is not well described. In fact, most published In
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 · PDF 檔案glands, with long pits, branching into coiled secretory portions, called cardial glands and pyloric glands. • These glands lack both parietal and chief cells, primarily secreting abundant mucus. The pyloric region of the stomach has deep gastric pits (P) leading to
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To introduce the histology of the upper GIT (gastro-intestinal tract) Specific Objectives: To describe the histology of the lip and the tongue, including epithelia, muscles, glands, papillae and taste buds. To appreciate the histological features of the three major