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Unlike classic fire doors, fire protection gates and fire protection windows, fire protection curtains blend discreetly into a stylistic overall concept without, however, restricting safety. Curtain systems are very space-saving when rolled up and do not require additional storage space of the same size (example sliding door) or protrude into the room (example swing doors).
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Fire curtain systems meet ANSI E1.22-2009 “Entertainment Technology Fire Safety Curtain Systems” or NFPA 80 “Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives – 2013” or other standards – Please specify Options Product Code Description Description
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Automatic Smoke & Fire Curtains

Automatic Smoke & Fire Curtains.BS 476 Part 22, Free advice via e-mail [email protected], All specifications freely available. Excellent prices, Quick turnaround, Our 4hr curtain under test. The weighted bar sags down the curtain and is inserted to test for
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The fire curtain comprises of a stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric in steel guides, with a bottom rail and box housing, commonly used for fire protection in kitchen servery hatches, offices, schools and department stores. It provides two hour fire protection to
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Fire-Rated Curtain Walls
Fire-rated curtain walls are carefully engineered and manufactured systems that defend against the transfer of flames, smoke and radiant and conductive heat. They include fire-resistive glass and frames, as well as component parts, all of which are designed and confirmed via testing to work together.
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Kent Smoke and Fire Curtains is a British owned company with its base manufacturing set up in Dubai, helmed by a team which has been at the forefront of the industry for three decades almost. Based amidst most modern architectural structures of the world, we
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Fire Curtain HF240
Fire Curtain HF240 HAG Ltd. – The Door Specialists Premium fire resisting curtain giving 240 minutes’ fire protection with the added benefit of 30 minutes’ irradiance shield. Jump to: Application Specification data Digital objects +44 (0)800 072 3444 www.hag
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The fire curtain falls vertically, obscuring the space in which it is located, preventing any spread. The curtain itself is a highly robust piece of fire-resistant material and you can get different time ratings of the curtain, for example, two hours.
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When the fire alarm goes off and the fire curtain descends the beacon will flash and a sounder will go off until the signal from the alarm is lost. Please note that when used in isolation the audio visual unit does not stop the fire curtain descending or retract the curtain.
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The accordion-style fire-rated perimeter curtain offers a whole new type of opening protection – no corner posts necessary. This system may be configured as open, such as an “L” or “U” shape, or closed completely like a box.
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 · PDF 檔案fire curtain unwinds to its operational position under the influence of gravity in a “gravity fail-safe” manner even if power is lost. Compact and low in weight – A FM-1 fire curtain is lightweight and compact, which enables it to be installed easily in a place with Such
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 · PDF 檔案fire. When a curtain wall has no window opening or fireproof windows, the heating behavior of the fire will have a one-way effect from the inside to the outside. When there is a curtain wall with a window opening, and the window is broken by the fire, the flame will
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FMB Fire Curtain
The fire curtain consists essentially of a roller in a galvanized steel housing, the roller comprises a flexible heat resistant fabric which is impervious to smoke and hot gases, wound around a tube. A heavy bottom bar fitted to the bottom edge of the fabric ensures that the curtain deploys as designed.
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UL Certified Fire Protective Smoke Curtain

Trusted by leading architects around the globe. Our Smoke and Fire curtains are UL Listed, UL Labeled, UL Recognized Fire Protective Smoke Curtain utilized in multi-level atria, elevator smoke containment, area separation in commercial properties.
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Fire curtain guides are constructed from 2.5mm mild steel plate in 2 sections, the front section of the guide is removable and allows repairs to be effected without dismantling the door. The guides are slotted for expansion. Hood The fire curtain hood is formed from