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母兔,母山羊 doe 引用網址: / 106 筆 « » 推文 評分 評分 相關 詞彙 詞彙 建議 學術名詞 種用母兔,種用母山羊 杜河
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Effect of breeding system, cycle and cage size during …

Rabbit doe and litter performance were recorded for 6 months (first three cycles). Two hundred twenty-eight weaned rabbits were divided into two cage sizes: 0.5 and 0.25 m2 with eight and four rabbits per cage, respectively, to study growing performance.
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Doe definition, the female of the deer, antelope, goat, rabbit, and certain other animals. See more. Are you aware how often people swap around “their,” “there,” and “they’re”? Prove you have more than a fair grasp over these commonly confused words.
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A Guide to Breeding Rabbits

 · PDF 檔案doe to produce small litters and/ or reduced number of litters a year. Good breeding cannot be obtained unless you have good animals, good feed, good housing and good management. Title A Guide to Breeding Rabbits Created Date 10/19/2005 6:01:01 PM
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Stuck or Retained Kits in Doe — Rabbit Birthing …

2 thoughts on “Stuck or Retained Kits in Doe — Rabbit Birthing Problems Help” Danielle Whitney January 28, 2020 at 2:11 pm I’ve had two does retain kits I honestly can still feel the baby/s inside or like you had described like a tumor or something this was not
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Why Is My Rabbit Eating Her Babies
Nest-Usually when female rabbit, or doe as she’s called, is pregnant, she’ll make a nest for her young. She pulls fur from her underside just before she gives birth to create a soft, warm nest for her babies. If your doe is having her first litter, she might not make her
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Will Bunnies Eat Their Babies?
A doe will not eat the babies if it feels safe in a nice cage. So, make sure their environment is safe, quiet, and free of predators. Taking Care of Mastitis If the rabbit develops mastitis, your vet may offer antibiotics treatment. A rabbit with mastitis cannot breastfeed
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 · Our rabbit gestations have ranged from 31 -33 days. We have found that whatever gestation a doe has with a certain buck she will always have the same gestation when bred to that buck. If bred to a different buck it might change. Of course, we always keep a
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Rabbit Reproduction
Rabbit Reproduction This section will cover particularly those terms which use in rabbit reproduction that includes the process of bringing forth young ones. Male The male rabbit is known as the buck. Penis The penis has a rounded penile sheath and urethra. It’s
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The Bunny
 · A larger breed rabbit has an average of 7 – 8 fertilized eggs, and can vary from 1 to 14 or more. The number of fertilized eggs depends on the age and health of the doe and buck, the season, the number of eggs available for fertilization, the amount of sperm deposited and its viability, the capacity of the uterine horns, the genetic backgrounds, and other factors that may or may not be
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My doe rabbit was humping my buck?!?
 · I was outside with my sister and the doe jumped into the bucks cage we couldn’t get them out because i couldn’t reach inside and then the doe mounted the buck! The doe is 6 months old and the buck is about 2 weeks younger than her. But i don’t know now if the doe is a buck or the buck is a doe. But i checked and the doe and she looks like a girl but i don’t know if one of them is pregnant
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Bunny Breed Guide: New Zealand White Rabbit
 · Doe: 4.5–5.5 kgs/10–12 lbs If you are interested in showing your New Zealand White Rabbit, here are some of the characteristics you should be looking for: Head: Should be strong and muscular looking but should not be out of proportion with the rest of the body.
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Angora rabbit
The Angora rabbit (Turkish: Ankara tavşanı), which is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, is bred for the long fibers of its coat, known as Angora wool, which are gathered by shearing, combing or plucking.Because rabbits do not possess the same allergy-causing qualities as many other animals, [citation needed] their wool is an important alternative.
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Animal Husbandry :: Breeding of rabbit

(b) Doe The female rabbit is known as doe. A doe should have the perfectability to reproduce. A doe becomes capable to reproduce based on breed,nutritional status and seasons. The smaller breeds attain sexual maturity earlier than larger breeds.
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doe 母山羊 以 母鹿